Introducing The VelaShape

The VelaShape is a device that combines elos technology (electro optical synergy) with mechanical manipulation of the skin using gentle vacuum suction with or without mechanical massage. It is designed for use in medical and aesthetic practices and is indicated for:

  • Non-invasive treatment for body contouring via temporary cellulite and circumference reduction.
  • Temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite and temporary reduction of thighs circumferences. It is also indicated for the relief of minor muscle aches and spasms, as well as for the temporary improvement of local blood circulation.

The system integrates the following technologies:

  • Infrared optical energy
  • Bipolar conductive radio frequency current
  • Mechanical manipulation

These three technologies work together to provide dermal and sub-dermal heating, and mechanical modifications resulting in improved blood circulation, enhanced lymphatic drainage, as well as an increased metabolic rate of the adipose tissue.

Anantomy of Cellulite

Cellulite is characterized by Dimpled Skin Surface– mattress-like appearance. The fat cells are located in chambers which are separated by vertical and horizontal Connective Tissue Septa. The Septa are anchored rigid fibers that do not stretch with the skin as the volume within the walls of the chamber increases. When the fat chamber becomes too distended by enlarged fat cells and by retained intercellular fluids, it protrudes beyond the length of the vertical septa, pushing up the skin surface and resulting in a dimpled skin appearance.

The VelaShape Procedure

The application of elos (IR and RF energies) to the dermis/hypodermis is intended to deploy heat to these tissues that contribute to cellulite. The vacuum contributes to the increased blood circulation. The blood, which is one of the targets of the hyperthermic effect of the IR and RF, responds in a higher diffusivity of oxygen. This in turn increases the metabolic breakdown of stored fat by the fat cells (lipolysis), thereby reducing the size of the fat cells. Consequently, the bumpiness of the skin, which is largely caused by distended fat cells protruding up from the anchored connective tissue septa, is reduced.
The mechanical action of the vacuum and rollers gently kneads the skin and facilitates deeper penetration of heat, delivering energies to the dermis and hypodermis. The mechanical action helps draining the excess intercellular part of the hypodermis into the lymphatic system.
Both actions, reducing the fat cells size and draining excess fluids to the lymphatic system, are accompanied by shrinkage of the connective tissue septa and facilitate the overall shrinkage of the fat chamber size, thus leading to reduction of cellulite and circumference.

Treatment protocols

  • Ideally, the treatment should be performed once a week for at least one month. Spacing the treatments less than once a week apart may reduce treatment efficacy. Usually 6-12 treatments result in significant circumference reduction and cellulite improvement. Some patients may need a few more sessions. Once a week is an acceptable protocol also when combining the sessions. Once a week is an acceptable protocol also when combining the VSmooth and VContour Aplicators.
  • One maintenance treatment a month may be necessary to sustain the results, followed by once in 2-3 months according to individual results.

Post treatment care

  • If heat sensation is excessive, cool the area with conventional cooling methods such as cold (not frozen) packs .
  • In case of side effects such as burns, stop treatment; apply cooling and appropriate creams. Resume treating the area only after side effects have subsided, and with reduced levels of parameter.
  • Prevent post-treatment overheating (e.g. Jacuzzi, sauna, etc.), or risk of physical damage.
  • Follow with home care cream ANESI Lipoaminocel.

Treatment Conclusion

Improvements will take some time to be apparent, and is affected by clinical conditions at the start of treatment regimen. Main impact may be:

  1. Transient skin texture may show improvement after each session.
  2. Thighs circumference reduction may show improvement after 2-3 sessions.
  3. Cellulite may show improvement after 4-6 sessions.

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